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A system of rewards and benefits for users and all partners

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The Last of us

Enabling mobile wallet to spend PeggyCoin at both retail and online Merchants

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The Last of us

Drive network and user adoption for the platform.

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The Currency of Digital Advertising

PeggyCoin Digital Advertisement Mining Vault

Peggycoin application platform will enable smartphone Mining of Peggy via PeggyCoin Digital Advertisement Mining Vault (PDAMV) to reward users for viewing ads once on daily basis thus contributing their personal commitment to the network.

PeggyCoin Wallet Application (PWA)


The PeggyCoin wallet will be an easy-to-use transaction system for each user and partner platform to manage, secure, and spend their PeggyCoin.

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The Peggycoin Minning

Peggycoin is a decentralized cryptocurrency platform running on a blockchain. The platform will leverage on digital advertisement to reward both monetizers of the content and the viewers of the ads not leaving out advertising media networks and vendors for their contributions through daily mining of peggy- we call this Peggy Mining

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Thrumy Channel

All smartphone Mining transactions will be verified via a secured thrumy channel that always provide a safe and reliable infrastructure for all Mining process on the network. All mining transactions can be tracked and verified on our blockchain, creating a much-desired transparency for all users and partners on the PeggyCoin network.